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Associating items to customers and vendors


Filtering your data is a useful way to display only the specific information that you need - and omit anything that you don't. This prevents errors and saves you time.  For items specific to a customer or vendor, an association can be made. Items can then be filtered by this association when creating transactions.

Associate your item to a customer or vendor

Here we'll be using product as an example. The same association can be made for other reference data such as materials, tools, and labor.

Once you have created your product, click the associated tab.


You will then need to create your attribute association.


Turn on filters

Once your attribute association is created, from any screen, click the settings button at the top right corner.


Select my company from the system settings card.

Click the  edit button.

In the summary screen, turn on the option to filter items by customer and/or vendor by checking the appropriate boxes.

Save and log out log in. 

Select your transaction

Here we will be using the purchase order module as an example. The same can also be done for other transaction modules.  Click the add button to create a new manual transaction.

Enter the vendor associated to your product.

Click the add items button.

As long as there are any associations for the vendor you chose, the add items modal will only list those items.

You can always clear the filter in order to show all items by hitting the X in the filter option next to the search field.

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