Box Detail WIGO report

Box Detail WIGO report


When it comes to tracking your inventory, it can be very time-consuming to break down everything that has been packed and shipped, especially if you need to locate specific products quickly. Warehouse supervisors can now rest easy with the new Box Detail (WIGO) report, which displays all boxes that have been packed along with their contents, grouped by their related pack number. As always, the flexibility of WIGO is what makes reports like this so useful. Quickly group by the items, then filter out completed packs and voilà - you can now tell which items haven’t been shipped out.

This information will be very useful to warehouse and logistics teams who want to have easy access to box details without having to manually go through each transaction to find out what has been packed and sent. This article will review the default layout and data of the Box Detail (WIGO) report along with guidance on related transactions and customization.

Navigate to reports

You can find the Box Detail (WIGO) report by clicking the more button and selecting reports. From there you will be able to click Box Detail (WIGO) from either the inventory card or simply from the sidebar.

Layout and data

When you open the report for the first time you will be able to see that each line represents a packing list with the number of boxes attached in brackets. Expanding the line will show the Box ID along with the rest of the information relating to the boxes for that pack including the box number, status, date, and contents. 

If you ever want to tweak the grouping filter you can always switch or swap filters by clicking the columns button on the toolbar and removing or dragging attributes to the group section. 

You can also add other attributes from the column selector including the Box ID and pack #, separating them into individual columns to allow for quick and clear definition especially when a pack contains multiple boxes. Order # can also be added and will list the corresponding order related to the pack in the report. 

Order # will show on the report regardless of whether or not the pack was created directly from an order or if you followed a workflow similar to these ones:

  • Order > Reserve > Pick > Pack
  • Order > Pick > Pack
  • Order > Pack

  • In this example, we have created a pick ticket (00005) from order (000013).

    We then created a packing list from the pick ticket and proceeded to box our contents. For guidance on boxing the contents of your packing list, check out our article on How to box a shipment.

    When the items have been boxed, we can navigate to the Box Detail report (WIGO) and see our boxes along with the Pack # and Order #.

    What's next?

    Now that you know your way around the box detail report, why not check out our other WIGO reports that relate to your transactions and inventory history!

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