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Configuring company email


In order to send out any emails from Paragon, you must first set up your company's email server, port number, main username, and password. Here, we'll walk you through the steps of configuring your company's email account.

Go to Settings

From the home page, click on the settings button in the top right corner of the screen. This will bring you to the settings page.

From the settings page, click on email settings in the communications tab.

Setting up the email settings

When you click on email settings, the modal below will pop up:

1. Enter your company's email server. This is where the emails will be received and sent out from Paragon.
2. Enter the email address of the main user.
3. Enter the password of the main user. 
4. Enter your server's port number.

Once all the fields are filled out, click the accept button, log out log in and your company's email will now be ready to receive and send out emails and reports through Paragon.

Note that if you are using Gmail, you will need to follow the steps below for emailing within Paragon:
  1. Access, and log in with your email and password
  2. Under the heading "Password & sign-in method" Select "2-Step Verification"
  3. Follow the setup procedure google presents
  4. You will receive a notification that you have successfully setup 2-step verification
  5. Go back to
  6. Under the heading "Password & sign-in method" Select "App passwords"
  7. 2 drop downs will appear, select the app type to "Other (Custom name)", the drop downs will then change to a text field, Enter the name "paragon" (or whatever you please)
  8. You will be given a 16 digit password code with spaces (#### #### #### ####), this password is what you will use for email authentication, save the code somewhere and click "DONE"
  9. Go back to
  10. **Optional**: At this point you are setup, but if you want to turn off "2-Step Verification" you can do this now, under the heading "Password & sign-in method" Select "2-Step Verification"
  11. Click "TURN OFF" at the top of the screen and Confirm the decision
  12. Now access Paragon and login
  13. Click the settings button at the top right corner of the page
  14. In the settings card, scroll to the end and select "email settings"
  15. Set "email server" to "", "port" to "587", "Email Address" to your gmail email, and "password" to the password generated by google, and ensure that the "starttls" and "auth" boxes are both checked.
  16. Click the accept button
  17. Log out Log in
If you have received this email in your inbox it means the email set up is well configured.

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