Create transactions from the action button

Create transactions from the action button


Easily creating transactions within your business workflow is key to managing all the information that flows through your ERP system. Paragon makes creating these transactions even easier and more flexible by giving you the option of creating them from the action button of the previous transaction in your workflow - whatever that may be. 

Transaction screen set up

To get started with creating transactions from the action button, we first need to go to screen set up. Simply click the settings button and select screen set up under the system card.

Action button options

Once you are in screen set up, select a transaction to configure. In this example we will be using order. 

Within most transaction action buttons, Paragon comes equipped with the option to create the next transaction in the typical workflow. 
For example, once you’ve approved and issued an order, the next step might be to create a pick ticket, which can be done directly inside the order module. For users with specific roles, this avoids jumping around the system to create the follow-up transactions for other departments to begin approving. 

To add a new create transaction, click add new from the bottom right of the setup screen for your chosen module.

This will open the add action button modal where you can choose the type of action you want; in this case, select create new transaction.

With create new transaction selected, you can now choose the transaction you want to create from the dropdown menu. For example, if you are adding your action button in the order module, we can select pick ticket for our action button.

Only transactions relating to the current module will be available. You are not able to create duplicates, any button you create will be removed from this list after creation.

When you have made your decision you will see that the option to inherit quantities is selected by default, this ensures that you have accurate quantities when creating one transaction from another. If for any reason you don't want this feature activated, just uncheck the box before clicking accept.

You may also notice that the image for your action button will match the icon of the corresponding module to help keep track of what transaction you are creating.

To finalize your action button, simply click accept to proceed or cancel if necessary. 

After clicking accept you will return to the transaction screen set up where you can click the arrow on the action button to see your new transaction button.

Create a transaction from the action button

Now we're ready to use the new action! First up, head over to the module that you added your new action button to by using the sidebar or more button. In this case, we will be navigating to the order module.

From here we can create a completely new order or select one that is already in issued or completed status. For more guidance on creating a new order, check out our guide on Creating a sales order

If you created a new transaction, make sure that you issue or complete it before proceeding or your button won't appear!

Once your transaction is in the correct status, click the action button arrow again to show more options and you will now see the option to create a transaction. In this case, we can now create our pick ticket.
Clicking the create transaction button will present you with a toaster confirming the new transaction was successfully created.

Make a note of the transaction number and navigate to the module that you just created a new transaction for; in this case, the pick module. You should now see your newly created transaction with the matching number from the toaster as well as the reference you created it from!

What's next?

If you would like more guidance about screen configuration and the action button, you can read our other handy articles:

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