Creating a customer or vendor in a transaction

Creating a customer or vendor in a transaction


When creating a transaction, you may realize that the customer or vendor that you are creating the transaction for does not exist yet. Without disrupting your workflow, you have the ability to create a customer or vendor on the spot, rather than having to go to the customer or vendor module to create one.

This article will walk you through creating customers and vendors while creating your transaction, allowing you to keep on track without leaving your transaction module!

Create a transaction

To get started you will first need to create a transaction, so simply choose the necessary module from the side bar or by clicking the more button from anywhere in Paragon. 

You will not be able to create new customers or vendors in the receive payment or make payment modules.

Create a new customer or vendor

When you are in your chosen transaction, click the customer dropdown to see your list of customers and you should see an option to create a new customer. If you are in a vendor module such as purchase order or vendor credit this option will be labelled as create a new vendor.

Fill out new customer/ vendor information

Clicking create new will open a new modal allowing you to create a new customer or vendor without having to navigate to the corresponding module and disrupt your transaction. The code attribute will automatically be filled in with the next number in sequence (if automatic sequencing is turned on) but you can change this as necessary as well as filling in any other attributes that you have set up for your products. To learn more about attributes and attribute setup, take a look at our article on What are attributes and attribute values?

When you are happy with your product details either click accept to continue or cancel if you have changed your mind. Clicking accept will automatically save and activate your new customer or vendor.

A customer/ vendor must have a code before you click accept otherwise it cannot be created.

Creating a customer/ vendor without a code

If you do click accept on your newly created customer and it is missing a code, you will receive a toaster informing you that the company could not be created and you will be taken to that company module to finish setting up your customer or vendor manually from the corresponding module.

The toaster will appear as below for vendor transactions.

Creating a customer/ vendor with a mandatory attribute

Similar to creating a company without a code, if you try to create a customer or vendor without filling in a mandatory attribute, you will also be redirected to the corresponding module to fill out the necessary attributes. Any information you already filled out will be transferred over. For more help with mandatory attributes, take a look at our article on How to set up reference screens

Leaving a customer/ vendor in edit mode

If you are already editing a customer or vendor in its module and try to go back to the transaction to create a new one, a notification will appear informing you that you already have a customer or vendor being edited. Simply click the cancel or save button to take your customer/ vendor out of edit mode and you can create a new one as needed.

This is the toaster that will appear for the vendor module.

Add more details

If you want to have access to all of the information you can attach to a customer or vendor, such as notes and attachments and the associations tab, then you can click add more details to bring you to the full module. This allows to you create a customer/ vendor as normal but it will already have any attributes you have already filled out.

Save and select your new customer/ vendor

After finalizing your customer or vendor and clicking activate, you can navigate back to your transaction as usual. Your company has been saved and activated and will automatically be selected for your transaction. You can also check your drop-down menu to see your new activated customer or vendor in the list. 


What's next? 

If you're looking for more help on creating products, attributes, and configuring screen set up, take a look at these handy articles and explore further!

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