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Creating a new address


On transactions, in customer or vendor accounts and in your company setup, you can create new addresses. This document explains how to use the address tool, regardless of where you are in Paragon.

Edit the module you're in

Regardless of where you are, you'll first need to click the edit button to be able to change or add an address.

Select the type of address you'd like to create

If you'd like to create a new bill from address, ensure that bill from is selected.

Bill from is highlighted when it appears in blueShip from is greyed out because bill from is selected.

Create the new address

After you've selected the type of address you'd like to change, click the drop-down arrow.

Click the new address button.


The new address modal will appear.


Postal Address

In the postal address section begin typing your address. As you type the address, Google Maps will find the first available match and display it in the field below the address line that you are entering. 


When you are satisfied that you have found the correct address, click on the Google field to select it. You will not have to manually enter the rest of the address - it will be automatically formatted for you.


If the address does not appear below the search field, you can use the can't find the address option to manually enter the address information.


Another new address modal will appear and you will have to manually enter the address - a preview of the formatting will be shown on the right-hand side.


You can also name the address in the addressee field. This field can be used to identify addresses by their store numbers or head offices.


Save your address

To save the address, click the accept button in the bottom right-hand corner. You can exit the address modal by clicking the cancel button in the bottom left-hand corner.

Once you've clicked the accept button, you'll return to the transaction's main screen. The address will appear in the bill from area.

New bill to, ship to and ship from addresses can all be added by following the same procedure.

Remove out of date address from companies

To remove an address for customers or vendors, you can right-click on the address on the company file to delete it. This will delete the address and prevent it from being used in the future, but will leave it as is on historical transactions.

What's next

Here's a little bit more information on how addresses work in Paragon and how they populate on transactions.

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