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Creating a product


So you buy or make goods and want to sell them - sounds like a plan! Paragon has many features to help make this process simple and easy to manage. In order to track the goods you sell, you need a place to create those items, fill them with relevant information, and manage your inventory. The beauty of Paragon is the fact that the information being tracked is completely configurable by you! Whatever your business model or daily workflows, we have you covered. We will discuss how to create and edit products, and the many options available to you.

Go to the product module

From any screen in Paragon, click the product button on the navigation bar to the right side. 

Create a new product

This is the list view of the product module. To create a new product click the create new product button.

A blank product screen will appear. The product screen is separated into three categories. When creating new products, only sections 1 and 2 are to be filled out.

Now you can begin entering product information. The first field, in this case, "code", is mandatory and must be unique. We suggest using an SKU or UPC (but it can be anything that is unique).

Add more attributes and information

To add a field that you do not see on the main screen, but is required for the specific product, click the add attribute button. Select a field to add from the list that displays.

If the information you'd like to enter is not in this list either, you will need to add it to Paragon through reference screen setup.

Save your product

When you are done entering all the relevant information, hit the save button.

Any fields that are left blank will no longer show on the screen when you save the product.

Activate the product

In order to add the product to a transaction and use it throughout Paragon, you will need to activate it. As long as the product is in inactive status, you will not be able to add it to a transaction.
To activate the product, hit the action button, then hit the activate option.

Adjust inventory

Once the product is active you can adjust the inventory directly in the module by clicking the inventory tab. To adjust your inventory, follow these steps:
  1. Click the location bar to open a drop down menu of your locations.
  2. Select the warehouse location for which you wish to adjust the inventory.
  3. Enter the adjustment quantity, select a reason if applicable, and hit accept to validate your change.

Note that if you need to move stock from one location to another, or view the history of all inventory movements for that item, this will still need to be done in the inventory module.

What's next?

Now that you know how to create, activate, and add stock to a product, there are plenty of other Paragon features that may interest you:

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