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Importing Amazon products into Paragon


Paragon makes it easy for you to integrate with Amazon. This ease includes pulling all of your products from your seller central catalog – per marketplace – into your Paragon with one click of a button. This way, any changes you've made to your product catalogs in your Amazon marketplaces can be quickly replicated in Paragon without any further data entry.  Everything can be managed in one centralized system, and you can be confident that nothing gets overlooked.

This article will explain how to get products into Paragon from your Amazon seller central for each marketplace that you have. Note that pulling products into Paragon can be done independently of other Amazon integration actions - meaning, you can pull your products at any time!

Go to the e-commerce page

From the home screen, hit the settings button

From here, choose Ecommerce from the add ons card.

In this page, you can see all of the active Amazon marketplaces you’re working with.

Get products from one of your Amazon marketplaces

Choose which marketplace you would like to pull your products from the list on your left.

In this example, we chose marketplace Mexico. You can verify that you’re pulling products for the right marketplace by looking at the attributes in the main panel – namely the marketplace attribute.

When you’re ready to pull your products into Paragon, hit the action button at the bottom right hand of the screen.
Hit the Get Products button.

You’ll receive a notification telling you that the product import has been started - similar to the following.



View your integration activity log

The final step in pulling your products is to check the activity log.

In your Ecommerce screen, navigate to the log tab. The latest log will show you the status of the action you’ve taken – pulling in your marketplace specific Amazon catalog into Paragon.

If you click on the information button at the far right of the log entry, we can see a descriptive status of the action taken.

I’ve pulled my Amazon products into Paragon, now what?

Once you’re Amazon catalog has been pulled into Paragon, you can now start managing all of your products in one centralized system! This includes modifying product descriptions, prices, adding new products and variations of those products, and much more!
Check out our additional Amazon documents for more information – particularly Pushing products from Paragon into Amazon Seller Central.

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