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How to activate/deactivate GL accounts

When you first get started with Paragon, you are provided with default general ledger accounts (Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Expenses and so on). These accounts are all activated, ready to use, and may be modified to suit the specific accounts of your company (i.e. you can change the name and codes of accounts). To see how to add/edit accounts and sub accounts, click here.

It's also important to note that once an account is created it cannot be deleted. Given that there may be accounts that you do not wish to use, we've made life easy by allowing you to simply deactivate an account so that there's no risk of it showing up in your journal entries.

Here we'll walk you through the steps on how to activate or deactivate your GL accounts.

Step 1: Go to the GL module

From the home-screen, hit the more button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

From here, hit the GL module.

Step 2: Open a GL account

Here, you can see the list and structure of accounts that are currently set up.

In this example, we'll hit the assets account.

Step 3: Activate/deactivate the GL account

By default, the GL accounts are all activated, as shown by the status: active listed below the account specifications. In order to deactivate this account, hit the green action button then hit deactivate.

The GL account assets is now deactivated.

The process for activating the account is the same as deactivating it. Simply hit the green action button, and hit activate.

Attention: You will not be allowed to deactivate the account if it is still used in the GL Setup. In the section below you can find how to view and edit GL accounts in GL setup.

Viewing/editing the GL setup

Go to settings and then click on the GL setup module.

You can edit the GL link setup by hitting the edit button.

Notice that the drop down to select a GL account in the center of the screen doesn't include the account you previously deactivated.

The previously deactivated account doesn't appear in the drop down menu to select an account on one of the line items either.

Creating a manual journal entry

Activating or deactivating a GL account also has an effect when creating a manual journal entry.

Go to the more option, and click on journal entry.

To add a manual journal entry, hit the add button.

When adding an account name, notice in the drop down menu that the deactivated account no longer appears in the list.

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