How to add images on Paragon | ParagonERP

How to add images on Paragon

Here, we'll walk you through the steps on how to upload pictures in your reference modules such as product, customer, vendor and my company modules. All pictures added to Paragon must be added from an online source (Google Drive, Drop Box, website etc.) by using the picture's URL.

Step 1: Go to product module

You can add multiple pictures to reference modules. These pictures can be added using a URL. First, go to product module, and hit the '+' button to add pictures or 'x' button to remove them.

Step 2: Enter URL image field

Enter an URL image field as shown below.

Then, hit the green check button to save.

To browse through uploaded pictures on a record, you use the '<' and '>' buttons. These buttons are located below the picture.

Step 3: Save

At the bottom right corner of the product module screen, make sure to hit the save button when you are done adding in your pictures.

Step 4: Go to customer, vendor and my company

The same exact procedures apply to customer, vendor and my company modules.

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