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Using the boxing function


When it comes to packing and shipping your products, Paragon helps to streamline your process by allowing you to pack and box your items in the same module. By using this function, you are telling the system exactly what items you want to pack in each box for a particular shipment. The boxing modal is found within the pack module, which is based on Paragon's standard transaction screen. 

Access the boxing modal

To get started, you will need to navigate to the pack module. Simply click the more button from anywhere in Paragon and select pack.

Select a packing list and click the action button. Then, to start boxing these items, you can select the box button.

Remember: Only issued packing lists can be boxed. To issue a packing list, click the action button and select the issue button.

 After clicking the box button, you will be brought to the pack tab of the boxing modal.

Select packing list tab

By selecting the packing list tab, all products included in the packing list will appear. The number of units in the packing list is displayed, along with units that have already been packed or need to be packed.

If there are products that need to be packed into a box click the new box button.

Select a box template 

In the box template, you can select a template from a dropdown menu that fills out the attributes of the box size: dimension uom, box length, height, and width.
A standard box template is provided by default, you can modify the default values by clicking the edit button. 

 You can also create your own box template(s) in attribute setup and they will appear in the box template drop-down list. 

Add quantities of products to the box

Enter the quantities for each product that should be boxed by clicking the add product button.

Now, check to select any or all of the products you intend to add to this box then click the accept button.

To cancel and exit this screen at any time, click the cancel button at the left of the screen.

Edit quantities for the box

By manually entering the quantity of each product to be added in the box, the number of products still to be boxed will automatically be calculated. If there are 3 to be boxed, and you enter 3 for your quantity, to be boxed will now be 0. 

Add additional box(es)

By clicking the new box button, a new Box ID number will be generated. Enter the quantities for each product that should be boxed by clicking the add product button.

Close box(es)

To view what boxes have been created, along with each box ID number, select the boxes tab

From the packing list tab, boxes tab, or pack tab, an open box can be closed by clicking the close box button. If there are any lines without a quantity when closing the box, Paragon will remove those lines. 

In the boxes tab, the status of the box will change to closed.


The boxing information can be reviewed by clicking the review button. After clicking review, the modal shown below will automatically appear. This modal details the number of products packed in each box. It also displays how many products of the packing slip still need to be boxed, how many boxes have been created, and how many items have already been boxed. 

To save and exit the boxing screen with an open box (note: the box will not be closed if this screen is exited), click the accept button at the right of the screen.

To create more boxes, review and close box(es);  click the back button at the left of the screen.

Finish and print box labels

After you have finished reviewing your boxes, you can proceed by either clicking accept or finish & print closed boxes. By clicking on the finish & print closed boxes button, a print preview of box labels will be generated and the modal will be closed.

Please note that the boxing feature can also be accessed from the shipping module if that shipment was created from a boxed pack.

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