How to configure the inventory list view | ParagonERP

How to configure the inventory list view

In Paragon, you can configure the list view for any module - including inventory. This means that you can decide which information is important to you and you can configure which attributes are visible from your inventory and see them in the list view.

Step1: Screen Setup

Hit the settings button from the Home screen.

From the settings screen, hit the List View Setup.

From here, hit  Inventory from the left side bar.

Step 2: Configure your list

Now that you're on the Inventory List View settings page, you can begin to add/modify/delete any attribute(s) that you'd like to see in the list.

In this example we'll be adding a 'Custom' attribute to the list, and we'll be deleting the 'Type' attribute.

Add an attribute

From the list view page, hit the edit button.

Once in edit mode, hit the blue add new button.

A blank field will pop up. In the Data Provider column (which is a list of all attributes available for this module), select the attribute you wish to add to the list from the drop down. Here, we'll add 'Custom'.  Please note that that column title will automatically be filled with the attribute name that was selected in the data provider field.  You can always change the name in the Column Title if you wish.

Delete an attribute

While still in edit mode, hit the red delete button next to the attribute you'd like to remove. Here, we'll remove the 'Type' attribute.

Once you've finished, hit the save button.

For more information on the width%, alignment, format, and ordinal columns, click here.


View the modified list view

Now that you have saved your changes, you can go to the inventory list view screen to see the results:

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