How to configure your ParagonSMB integration

How to configure your ParagonSMB integration


Congratulations!  Welcome to your ParagonSMB integration.

You already know and love QuickBooks, and you've decided to give ParagonSMB a try - you're now ready to configuring the product to follow your business processes.  There are a few things you should know before you get started. Let's see what's involved.

Configuring ParagonSMB


If ParaonSMB has been linked to a Canadian QuickBooks company, you will have to make sure that all required tax information is properly configured and matched between Paragon and Quickbooks.  First, you can check your tax agencies in Quickbooks and confirm that Paragon taxes match up. 

Quickbooks Tax Setup

In ParagonSMB, navigate to the settings page

and hit tax setup.

ParagonSMB Tax Setup

You must configure your taxes to match the ones in your Quickbooks account.

Integration Settings

To make sure that your integration is ready for automatic communication with your QuickBooks company, navigate to the accounting screen from the settings page.

ParagonSMB accounting page

Hit the edit button at the top-right of the screen to start making any changes you may need.  Be default, all of the required IDs are already filled.  You have the option of exporting your references (like products and customers) and/or your transactions (like invoices and credits) automatically to QuickBooks. 

By default, all automated exporting is turned off (as shown above).  With this configuration, you must use the accounting page action button at the bottom right of the page to export data from ParagonSMB to your QuickBooks company.

What's next?

Now that you can activate your Quickbooks integration, you can learn about our other ParagonSMB features:
Export transactions from ParagonSMB to Quickbooks
Import products, vendors, and customers from Quickbooks to ParagonSMB

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