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How to connect and disconnect Paragon from QuickBooks Online


You already know and love QuickBooks, and you've decided to give Paragon a try - congratulations! You're now ready to connect Paragon to QuickBooks Online. 

Connecting Paragon to QuickBooks Online

To connect Paragon to QuickBooks online, from anywhere in Paragon, navigate to the QuickBooks setup screen from the settings page.

Hit connection:

The following modal will appear. If you wish to proceed, hit Connect to QuickBooks

You will then be redirected to QuickBooks Online where you can connect to the account of your choice. 

If you already have installed another add-on to your Paragon instance (Amazon or Shopify), once you have connected your QuickBooks account you will be redirected back to the QuickBooks setup page in Paragon, where it will now show as active.

On the setup page, you can configure which transactions are automatically exported. The controls are by default OFF so nothing gets exported without you knowing. 

Disconnecting Paragon from QuickBooks Online

If for some reason you'd like to disconnect your QuickBooks Online company from ParagonS, w've got you covered. Once disconnected, you can follow the previous steps to reconnect at any time. 
Head to the QuickBooks tab through settings. 

From the action list button, hit connection.

The following modal will appear. Note that when you disconnect, the add-on will no longer function. 
If you wish to proceed, hit disconnect from QuickBooks

A success toaster will appear informing you that the systems have been disconnected. 

What's next?

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