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How to copy references using the copy function

Sometimes you will have multiple references; products, customers, materials, etc., that are so similar in set up and attributes, it will be faster to create copies from the existing record and then make any changes you may need. These instructions will explain how to do that.  We have used the customer module for our examples below.

Step 1: Create your reference

First create a customer if you haven't already.

Note that you can also import your customers in bulk via the universal translator.

Step 2: Copy

Navigate to the customer module.

Select which customer you would like to copy, and expand the screen into detail view.
Hit the action button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Hit the copy button.

A modal will pop up. Choose which attributes you would like to vary. Note that you can copy customer ship to and bill to address, but you cannot vary them. This means that if you choose to copy over the addresses, they will copy over as is. You can always add another address to the new customer once you've copied.

Hit the next button until you have finished renaming the attributes you've requested to vary.  Hit the accept button on the last modal to continue.

Please note that you can also absolutely copy / vary attributes that are made up of multiple parts; such as money attributes, which contain a value and a currency, and UoM attributes, which contain a value and a measurement definition.  See the example below:

I've copied my customer, now what?

Once you're done copying your customer, you'll receive a notification in the top right hand corner of the screen. You're not done yet!

You'll now be able to see both the original, and your copy in the list view. Select the newly copied customer, and expand the screen into detail view.

Hit the action button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen, and hit activate.  You can also use the bulk edit feature in list views to activate multiple customers at once.

Your newly copied customer is now ready to use!  Remember, you can copy any reference many times over.

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