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Creating a sales order


Here we'll walk you through how to manually create a sales order.
You can also create an order from a quote, from a reservation, or from a purchase order.
The purchase order module is based on Paragon's standard transaction screen.
If you are not familiar with the format of transaction screens, get yourself oriented on transaction screens.

Step 1: Open the order module

You can open the order module in two ways; by hitting the order module in the right-hand navigation bar or through the more menu. 

Step 2: Creating an order manually

Add a new order

This is the list view of the order module. 

To add a new order, hit add new order

Select manual method

Select how you would like to create the order. In this case, make sure the manual tab is selected.

This will open an empty sales order form.

Enter general information

Select a company name from the drop down menu. 

If you want to look up the company you can select the  button and search for the company using the drop down list.

Once the company is selected, it will auto-populate the ship to and bill to addresses found in the customer file. 

Note that the order will not have a transaction number until it is saved. Once a transaction number is assigned, it will replace #####. 

Select the date for your order by hitting the calendar icon and selecting the appropriate date. If nothing is selected by the time you save the order,  the current (today's) date will be entered automatically once the sales order is saved.  

Select bill from and ship from addresses

On a sales order, the bill from and ship from addresses are pulled from your company profile set up in the vendor or customer modules. 

If the bill from address was not populated when you entered the company name or the address is wrong, make sure bill from is highlighted and then select the appropriate address by clicking on the drop down arrow and selecting it. 
Bill from is highlighted when it appears in blue. 

If the address does not exist, create a new address

To enter or change the ship from address, make sure ship from is highlighted. It is highlighted when  appears in blue. 

Select the appropriate address by hitting the drop down arrow and selecting it. . 

If the address does not exist, create a new address.

Select bill to and ship to addresses

Billing addresses work the same way as described just above for Shipping addresses.

Enter information in the attribute panel

Enter information in the business terms by clicking on the field and typing in the correct information or selecting it from the drop down menu

Note that the attributes available in the business terms are configured in screen setup. 

Add products to your order

To add a product or line item to your order, hit the add product in the upper left hand side of the line item area. 

Select all the items you would like to add to your order by checking off the boxes on the left. 

If you would like to cancel the addition of line items or products, hit cancel. To add the selected products, hit accept.
Once the items have been added, you can modify the price and/or quantity by clicking on the appropriate field and typing the correct information. The total amount and outstanding quantity fields will be updated automatically.

Right click on the product line to add and edit any information related to the item.

If you apply a line discount, the total of the order is recalculated.

Add notes

If necessary, add any relevant notes. These notes won't affect anything in the system. They can be used for reminders or internal communication. 

Header information

At the bottom of the order, there are fields for discounts and other charges. The other fields, tax and total, are calculated automatically.  Discounts and other charges can be added to the transaction here.  Click on either field and a modal will appear where you can make modifications based on the configuration in screen setup.

The question mark button to the left of the tax field allows you to inquire on the tax detail breakdown.

A modal will appear that displays the tax detail breakdown.

Canceling an order

An order can be canceled at any point before it is saved by hitting cancel in the upper left hand corner. 

Saving an order

Once you have filled in all the relevant information you can save your order by hitting save in the bottom right-hand corner. 

Once the order is saved, it will automatically be assigned a transaction number and be assigned a temp status. 

I've created my order, now what?

Once an order has been created you can proceed in a number of ways using the green action button in the bottom right-hand corner:

You can also an invoice form any sales order in issued status - saving time and reducing data entry errors. Head over to invoice module to try it out.

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