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How to filter inactive and/or voided records

When you are looking at information in any list view screen, you may or may not want to see inactive or voided records. To give you this option, there is a toggle tool readily available at the top of any list view, and you can filter out inactive or voided records from being displayed. A toggle tool is something you can turn on and off, depending on what you require. To demonstrate, we'll be using the product and the invoice modules, to show you how this works on a reference and transaction module respectively.

Filter inactive records in a reference module

In a reference module, the toggle function will show or hide inactive records. Here we've opened the product module:

The highlighted switch on the top-right of the image above is currently turned on; the list view is showing both active and inactive records.

Click the switch and the list is refreshed showing only active products:


Filter voided records in a transaction module

In a transaction module, the toggle will show or hide voided records. Here we've opened the invoice module:

As before, the highlighted switch on the top-right of the screenshot above is turned on by default; the list view includes voided transactions.

Clicking the switch here results in all the voided records being hidden:

The toggle option is unique to each module so you can enable or disable the filter wherever it works best for you. Additionally, the module will remember your preferences the next time you log back in to Paragon

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