Pull product catalogs from Shopify to ParagonERP

How to get the product catalog from Shopify into Paragon


Once you have set up and activated your Shopify add on, your products, orders, customers and inventory levels can now be synced from Shopify to Paragon.
Here, we'll walk you through how to get the product catalog from Shopify into Paragon. This action will make sure that new product information will match between your shop and Paragon.

Import Shopify products

New products will be created in Paragon when the following happens:

- When a customer creates an order from Shopify and selects a product that does not currently exist in Paragon, the product is then pulled into Paragon when the order is created in Paragon. 
- When you decide to get all Shopify products using the import products button.

From anywhere in Paragon, navigate to the Shopify setup screen from the settings page. 

Hit the action list button to get the options for importing products:

When you hit Import Products, you will get a toaster telling you that the import has begun and another one confirming the successful import all your products from your Shopify shop:

If you ever feel that there might be a discrepancy between the products in Paragon and your Shopify store, you can hit the import products button and it will import new products and update all the existing products. 

Using Shopify variants

In Shopify, you can add product variants to an item that can be purchased with more than one option. This can be a product that is available in more than one size or color, for example.

For each Shopify product variant, separate products will be created in Paragon. Note that each variant must have its own SKU, in order for all variants to be correctly created in Paragon. 

Import your Shopify tags on products and orders

Shopify allows you to apply tags to any order or product that is entered. These tags can be used to direct orders and products into categories or different processes. These tags are relevant to how or when you process your orders and treat your products, making the information crucial to record in Paragon. These tags are imported as attributes and can be seen on products and orders and used in all reporting. 

Tags are imported from Shopify to Paragon. If a tag is changed in Paragon, Shopify will not be updated. Tags will not be updated in Paragon after an order is completed.  


Simply add tags to your products and they will be attached as attributes when they are imported to Paragon.


Tags work the exact same way for orders and will show up in the more tab when your orders are imported into Paragon.

What's next?

Now that you know how to get products from your shop into Paragon, you can make sure that your shop and Paragon are always in sync.  See our other Shopify articles for more information.

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