How to navigate customer statement reports in Paragon | ParagonERP

How to use customer statements in Paragon

The customer statement in Paragon allows you to view customer transactions and filter the results by date, customer status, transaction type, and much more. Here, we'll walk you through the customer statement and show you how to use the various filters to view customer transactions.


From any screen in Paragon, hit the more tab.

From the more tab, select the reports module.

From the reports module, select the customer statement, either from the left hand reports bar or under finance.

From here, you can filter through the reports by the categories given as shown below. Depending on the selections you make, the bar on the right hand side will update automatically. For example, if you decide to check off two companies, all of the customer statements for just those two companies will show up on the right hand side.

As can be seen below, nothing has been filtered so all customers' (companies) statements will show.

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