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How to set up attribute associations

In Paragon, attribute values can have additional information from other attributes associated to them. This can be useful for setting up restrictions on the values available to a user. For example, in this article, you will learn how to set up a given warehouse to have a limited number of associated aisle numbers.

Step 1: Enter attribute setup

From the home screen, hit the settings button.

Next, hit attribute setup from the attribute card. 

Step 2: Edit an attribute

For the purposes of this article, we will edit the warehouse attribute. However, attribute associations can be set up on any attribute.

Hit the edit button on the rightmost column of the attribute you would like to modify.

Step 3: Access the attribute association modal

Hit next until you reach the details screen. In the details screen, notice the associated option on each attribute value line. Hit the link icon for the value line you wish to add attributes on.

Step 4: Add associations

In the attribute association modal, select which attributes you want to have associated.

In this case, we will pick the aisle attribute to associate with our main warehouse and will add three different aisles. Therefore, we need to use the selection three times to add three aisle lines.

With the three aisle lines, I can now select aisles 1 to 3 to associate to my main warehouse.

When you have added your desired associations, hit the accept button.

Notice that on the leftmost column for the main warehouse attribute value, there is a blue arrow. This indicates that the warehouse attribute value of main warehouse has its own associated attributes.

Step 5: Save

Hit the next button to continue through the subsequent pages of attribute set up.

Ensure that you hit the save changes button on the last page.

Other Use Cases

Another use case of attribute associations is to set up sizing scales to include only a certain range of sizes. You can learn how to set up size-scale associations here.

Once size-scale associations are set up, pivot view becomes available. You can learn more about pivot view here.

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