How to set up box template attributes?

How to set up box template attributes?


Templates are a useful and easy way to both facilitate a task and to limit the number of mistakes one can make when performing that task.  To that end - Paragon allows you to create a template for shipping packages - sizes and units of measure.  Here we will walk you through how to create those templates and where to put them to good use.

Step 1: Open attribute setup

From any screen, hit the settings button. This will bring you to the settings page. 

Under the attributes card, hit attribute setup to access the attributes setup module. 

Step 2: Edit the box template attribute

Search for the attribute box template in the search bar.

Hit the edit button on the rightmost column of the attribute.

Hit the next button until you reach the details screen.

The standard box template is already set up by default. 

To add a new box template to the attribute, hit the add new button in the top left corner. 

A blank line will appear. Enter in the details of the attribute, then hit the link icon to set up the associated attributes for this box template. 

Select and add the following attributes: box length, box width, box height, and dimension UoM (unit of measure).

Set up the dimensions according to your packing needs.

When you have finished, hit the accept button.

Step 3: Save

Hit the next button to continue through the subsequent pages of the attribute setup. Ensure that you hit the save changes button on the last page. 

Next steps

Once you have created your box template attributes, you will be able to use them in the boxing feature within the pack module. 

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