How to use the dashboard in ParagonSMB

How to use the dashboard in ParagonSMB


When it comes to viewing and handling your data, ParagonSMB strives to make the experience as smooth and simple as possible; and our home screen is no different! When you log into your ParagonSMB build, you will be greeted by your unique dashboard, giving you that first step to overseeing your operations every time you come back to the home screen.

Rather than greeting you with an overwhelming amount of data, the dashboard collects and displays six sets of data for a brief summary of your operations. This includes open shipments, open quotes, unpaid invoice amounts, yesterday's sales, sales orders, and top-selling products. This article will walk you through each section and the data it represents.

Sales orders graph

The first graph shown on your dashboard is for sales orders. This chart displays the sum of the subtotal amounts for all of your issued and completed orders - any temp or voided orders are not included in this amount. Hovering over the columns will highlight the chosen month and display the full amount and currency.

Top selling products

The top-selling products chart displays the sum of the total value of items across all order detail lines for any issued or completed orders.  The chart groups the most profitable items in descending order, the final item is an aggregate of all remaining items grouped together under the label others.  
Hovering over a segment of the chart will show the total value of these items included in the order lines for all issued and completed orders.

Open shipments

This tab simply shows you the total number of all shipments with an issued status. Shipments with a temp or voided status will not be included in this summary. Now when you log into ParagonSMB, you can quickly see which shipments are being processed and are waiting on completion.

Open quotes

This tab displays the total number of quotes with an issued status, allowing you to quickly see which quotes are waiting to be converted into sales. Temp or voided transactions are not counted in the summary. 

Unpaid invoices

The unpaid invoices tab displays the sum of all remaining balances for any invoices not displaying a temp or voided status. This allows you to quickly view the total outstanding amounts and you can always head to the invoice module to look for individual invoices and get a detailed view.

Yesterday's sales

This tab gives you the subtotal amount for all issued and completed orders from the previous day. You can navigate to the order module for a detailed breakdown of individual sales orders.

What's next?

Now that you've had a chance to explore your dashboard, why not check out some of our other articles to help fill it with data! Get started by looking at creating transactions such as quotes, order, invoices, and shipments:

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