How to use the Select a Company modal

How to use the Select a Company modal

How it works

In Paragon, any time you are creating or modifying a transaction you will find the select a company modal by hitting the [...]  button next to the customer drop-down menu.

Doing this will open a modal where you will see all the companies you have in Paragon.

The sorting arrow

On the first column in the grouping grid, ID, you will see a small arrow. This arrow represents how that column's information is being displayed to you. By hitting the arrow you can reorganize the display. There are two possible orientations to pick from.

Ascending alphabetically


Descending alphabetically

Change columns in the modal

When you first open the select a company modal you may notice that there is a section on the right side called columns.  You can click that section to expand it to select which of the default columns you want to see in your grid.  All column options are derived from attributes in your reference screens.  Any changes made to the columns will be saved by user.  This means that the next time you log into Paragon, the settings made last visit will be saved.

Pin columns

You can also pin important columns to the right or left of the grid so that they will remain locked in place when you scroll through any other attribute columns.

Drag and drop columns

You can decide to change the locations of your columns within the grid by clicking and holding the column hamburger.  You can also add new columns to the grid by dragging an attribute from the column selector section directly into the grid.

What's next?

The grouping grid feature can also be found in the following areas in Paragon:

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