How to view customer open AR | ParagonERP

How to see what a customer owes in open AR

Paragon ERP makes it easy to see important information pertaining to a customer all in one screen. In this doc, we'll show you how you can view customer financials in just one click of a button!

Step 1: Open customer module

From the main screen, open the customer module from the right side bar menu.

Step 2: Choose your customer

Select which customer you would like to view open ar for. Double click on the customer or hit the hamburger button at the top left corner to open detail view.

Step 3: Open financials

Open the financials at the bottom of the screen. Hit the financial button. Here, you can see the open AR, credit available, and the sum of any account payments made by the customer.

How are these values calculated?

The calculation for open A/R is simple.  Basically, any open invoice issued to this customer that has not been paid, or, the remainder of an invoice that has not been paid in full will be listed as your open A/R.

Open A/R = total invoice amount minus total credit amount - total amounts that have already been applied (note these amounts are converted using exchange rates)

Credit Available = credit limit (manually filled attribute) minus open A/R.

On Account = the sum of all on account payments that have not yet been applied


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