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How to view the general ledger (GL) report

Ever have issues capturing the exact balance of your general ledger accounts in your business?  You won't anymore! ParagonERP includes the general ledger report to show you any changes that occur in any of your chart of accounts in the system.

This report will show you your opening balances of each GL account in a given fiscal period, or year, and all the transactions that were created within the selected time frame. At the end of the report, the ending balance of each account will be displayed so you can know exactly where you're standing at any given moment in time.

Step 1: Navigate to the reports screen

First, from the home-screen, or any screen in ParagonERP, navigate to the reports module by hitting the more tab at the bottom right hand of the screen.

Select the GL balances report from the left hand menu, or from the finance card.

You'll now see the default GL balances report. You can filter this report in multiple ways. We'll show you how in the next step.

Note that the GL balances report includes all pending journal entries by default, but you can change it to include only posted entries in the filter option.

Step 2: Filter your report

Hit the blue arrow on the left hand side of the report. It will expand a list of filter options similar to this:

Here, you can filter by the following:

  • Account level 0. These are your top level (or parent) accounts. For example assets, liabilities, cash etc.

  • Account level 1. These are your sub (or child) accounts. For example your receivables, payables, bank accounts

  • Fiscal year. You can run this report for any fiscal year set in Paragon.

  • Period. This is the specific fiscal period.

  • Period number. You can choose the specific period number.

  • Journal Status. Here you have the option of including the posted journal entries only, or also including the pending journal entries.

Once you've selected all of your criteria, the report will automatically run in ParagonERP. Close the side bar, and view your report.

I've run my general ledger report, now what?

Once you've run the general ledger report in ParagonERP, you can print it out by hitting the blue print button at the top right of the page.

The printout should look something like this.

You can also export the report by hitting the export button at the top right of the report screen.

The export will be in your downloads folder, and will look something like this.

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