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Inventory movements in Paragon

In Paragon, certain transactions will affect your total inventory, and some will not. Sometimes it's not obvious what will and what won't. Fear not, we're here to walk you through the overall inventory movements in Paragon so you can track your inventory movements with accuracy.

First, you'll want to click here to get yourself orientated on the automatic journal entry options in Paragon. You can choose to have your journal entries affected by your financials, financials & inventory, or by neither one.

Receipts & Shipments

In Paragon, only two transactions affect your total inventory, and will post a journal entry if the option is turned on in my company. These are receipts and shipments. In particular, the only time your total inventory will be affected is when you complete, or void a receipt or shipment of goods. If you have the financials & inventory option turned on in my company, completing or voiding these transactions will create journal entries based on your inventory value.

  • Upon completion of a receipt/shipment, your inventory will move up/down accordingly.
  • Upon voiding a receipt/shipment, your inventory will move down/up accordingly.

If you have one default location for all transactions, all of your inventory movements will be seen in the same location. If you have separate locations for shipping and receiving, the appropriate transactions will affect those locations.

Picks & Packs

Issuing and completing picks and packs in Paragon do not actually deduct or add to your total inventory. They just move inventory from one location to another.

The 'Ship from' address on the pick, pack, and shipment are important because they determine which warehouse the quantities will be deducted from/added to (if you are voiding).

  • Upon completing a pick, the quantity gets deducted from the picking location, and goes into the packing location.
  • Upon voiding a pick, the quantity gets added back into the receiving location.
  • Upon completing a pack, the quantity gets deducted from the packing location, and goes into the shipping location.
  • Upon voiding a pack, the quantity is added back to the receiving location

Other Modules

Work orders, Purchase orders, Orders, Quotes, RMAs, and Reservations don't actually affect total inventory numbers if you manually complete one of these transactions. If you issue one of these, the inventory never moves. If you void these, the item numbers update in reports (WIP changes).

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