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Inventory reports


Here you'll find an overview of all the inventory-related reports in Paragon.

Before using these reports, you can familiarize yourself with accessing, filtering, searching, printing and exporting reports.

Scroll down on the same left side bar in Reports (all reports are in alphabetical order) to find the following categories of reports.


Inventory available

The Inventory Available report shows a complete list of all the products in Paragon with a non-zero inventory value.

Stock Requirements

This report shows a complete list of all the products and materials required to produce goods, as well as the associated purchase cost of each item.

Product Listing Report

This report shows a condensed list view of all the active products in Paragon, showing the available goods, their purchase cost, sales price, as well as any other field that was filled out when you created the product.


This report will show you all the shipments created in Paragon.


This report will show you all the packing slips created in Paragon.


This report will show you all the pick tickets created in Paragon.


This report will show you all the receipts created in Paragon.


This report will show you all the RMA's created in Paragon.


This report will show you all the reservations created in Paragon.

Box Labels

This report shows a complete list of all the products that have been shipped and boxed. This report provides you with the shipment information, as well as the box label information.

Item Labels

This report shows a description list of all the active products, as well as their receipt number from when they have been received by your company.



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