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Number of active users

Upon purchasing ParagonERP, you can choose how many users you'd like to purchase the software for. The number of users you select when you buy Paragon will determine the number of users who can log into the software at any given time.

For example, you buy ParagonERP for 5 users. This means that only 5 users will be able to be active, and log into the system. The system will not allow more than 5 user profiles to be activated at once in the system.

We should also mention that you can always create a departmental user that could be used by multiple people in your company.  For instance, you could create a user called warehouse and then give the credentials to anyone working in the warehouse.  This is great for allowing employees with the same security level to access Paragon through the use of only one login user.  It is not, however, ideal for audit purposes as all the users with the same login access would be seen by the system as one user.

Here, we'll walk you through the process of determining how many active users you have, and we'll show you how the system will automatically let you know if you're trying to exceed your user limit.

Step 1: Purchase Paragon

Here's what you'll see when you purchase Paragon. You can choose any number of users that you'd like - the price of the subscription will change with your selection.

Note: Once you've exceeded 25 users, you'll be prompted to contact us regarding the monthly cost.

In this example, we've purchased Paragon for 5 users.

Step 2: Log in and set up your users

Click here for more information about setting up your users. Once you've completed this step, you can now see how many users you have, and which ones are activated by navigating to the user management screen.

To access this screen, hit the settings button in the top right hand corner of any screen in Paragon.

From here, hit user management from the user access card.

 Step 3: View active / deactivated users

Once you've made your way to the user management screen, you'll see all the users you've setup. By default, the system will not let you deactivate ALL users. This means you must at least have one user active.

Note: You can set up as many users as you'd like, but you can only activate the number that you've paid for.

If you try to deactivate the only active user, you'll get the following message:

Step 4: Activate the maximum number of users

At the top of the screen, just below the USERS title, you'll be able to see how many users you've paid for, and how many of those users are active. In this example, we've paid for 5 users.

If we try to activate more than 5 users, a notification will be displayed to let you know that you cannot activate more than the number that the package allowed.

Note: If you'd like to add more users, simply contact us at

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