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Paragon Financials - Trial balance report

The trial balance report allows accountants to confirm that all entries that were posted in the general ledger for a given fiscal period are balanced. In simplest terms, the trial balance confirms that all debits equal all credits.

This article will walk you through the functionality of the trial balance report in ParagonERP.

Step 1: Make your way to the reports

First, make your way to the reports section of ParagonERP.

Hit the more tab from any screen, and hit the reports module.

From this screen, select the trial balance report from the left hand menu or from the financials card in the main screen.

Step 2: View the trial balance

When you select the trial balance, you'll see a default view. This view shows your overall trial balance from a summary account view.

You can drill into the report, and even view the journal entries linked to that specific amount.

To change your views, right click in the account level 0 column, and select expand all.

You'll see the report expands to show you all accounts, amounts, and related transaction numbers.

You can also choose to collapse account levels. To do so, right click on the preceding account column, and select collapse all. This will collapse only one account level ahead.

Here, we're going to right click on account level 2 to collapse account level 3.

Step 3: Export or print

Once you've selected all of your criteria, you may want to compare it to other reports.

Paragon makes it easy for you to export or print your trial balance.


Hit the small export button at the far right hand side of the main screen.

Your Excel file will be exported and show up in your downloaded folder with an output similar to the following:


To print, hit the print button next to the search bar.

You may have to click on the popup blocker icon in your address bar to open the print preview.

Your print output will look something like this.



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