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Paragon reports

Paragon reports are integrated with a business analytic tool called Qlikview. Here we'll explain how to use this tool and the main reports that can be found in Paragon.

How to access reports

Reports can be accessed in two ways.

Option 1: From the reports menu

From the more menu, hit the reports button.

This is the list view of the reports module.

To see the list of reports in a different orientation, select all reports in the list and hit the list-detail toggle button.You will see the same group of reports available, grouped by their domain.

Option 2: From a specific module

When you're in a specific module, click on the reports button.

You will be brought straight to a relevant report. For example, if you were in the quote module, you will be brought to the quote report.

Categories of reports

There are seven main categories of reports in Paragon, which you can see by accessing the module through the more tab.

  1. Finance
  2. Inventory
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Payables
  5. Purchasing
  6. Receivables
  7. Sales

How to use report tools

Drilling down on information

When you click on the report, you'll see a screen similar to the one below.

To see the details of a record in the report, hit the plus sign.

This will expand the record to show more of its details.

To view more information associated with the record, hit the plus sign again.

More detailed information will then be shown.


To view the filter screen, hit the blue bar on the left-hand side.

A list of filters will display:

  • account
  • item name
  • transaction number
  • transaction status
  • currency
  • ship date
  • book
  • division
  • customer PO
  • terms

For different reports, different filters may display. You can use all the filters in combination with each other to create the desired report. To select a filter value, click it in the list.

To select a range of filter values, drag over all the items you would like to select.

The filters that you are using get saved on the bottom left-hand side.

  • This lets you keep track of your filters in case you need to re-run the report with the same selection criteria.

A start and end date can also be selected.

Searching for a particular item

If you want to search for a specific filter, you can use the search bar on the left-hand side.

In this example, the filter is set to item name, and it is looking for all items that have 1001 in the description.

Another option is to search on the right-hand side.

This searches for anything with the characters entered.

  • In this example, it shows any items and orders that have 1001.

Switching filters

If you want to remove the last filter used, click on the back arrow.

If you want to go back to that filter, click on the forward arrow.

To remove all your filters, select the reset button.

Printing the report

To print the report, click on the printer icon.

A report will display, similar to the following.

Exporting the report to Excel

To export the report to Excel, click on the icon with an x on it.


What's next?

Find out more about our reporting function by checking out our sales reports.






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