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Requesting shipment plans from Amazon via quotes

When getting ready to send replenishment goods to Amazon FBA warehouses, you are required to send them a shipment plan request in advance.  With Paragon we make that simple.

Here we will explain how to request a shipment plan from Amazon via our quotes module. 

Create a quote and send the shipment plan request to Amazon

Once you know which of your products to ship, the first step is to create a quote.

Be sure to select Amazon marketplace as the customer. Currency and address will be automatically filled from the customer file that was created when your Paragon integration was started.

Then, select the products you want to ship, fill in the units to be sent and hit the save button.

Adding and Changing Shipment Name

Before using Paragon, you probably had the option to name your shipments in order to keep track of them. With our Amazon integration, you can name your shipment plans directly in Paragon before they are issued. When creating a quote, navigate to the 'More' tab and customize the 'Amazon Shipment Plan Name'.

When the Shipment Plan is accepted by Amazon, you will be able to see your custom Shipment Plan names in the Seller Central Shipping Queue. 

Now hit the action button at the bottom left of the screen and then issue the quote by hitting the issue button:

Once the quote is issued, hit the action button again and hit the get plan button to send the request to Amazon.

You will receive two notifications after hitting the button. A blue one telling you that the shipment plan is being requested, followed by a green one confirming that the shipment plan was successfully been created at Amazon. When the plan is created, a related sales order and packing list will be created automatically in Paragon.

At this time, you can also see the FBA shipment plan number assigned from Amazon in the more tab of your quote. You will see that an attribute called Amazon shipment identifier was automatically added and filled.

View the automatically created sales order

Navigate to the sales order module from the home button.

The sales order was automatically created in the issued status: 

Check the more tab to see that the Amazon Shipment identifier has been automatically filled from the quote.

Issue pack and send carton measurements to Amazon

Navigate to the pack module from the more button.

The automatically generated packing slip was created automatically in temp status:

Go to the more tab and add two required Amazon attributes:

  1. Amazon Partnered Shipping (if using Amazon's carriers for the shipment)
  2. Amazon Shipment Type

Issue the pack by clicking the action button and then the issue button.


The status of the packing list will change to issued.

If using Amazon's carriers for the shipment, Amazon requires you to input the measurements for the boxes and the weight. Hit the action button again and then hit the box button where you will input the measurements for the boxes and press the accept button to finish. 

 Next, hit the action button again and hit send cartons to send the box information to Amazon so that they can calculate the shipping costs. This might take several minutes.

Request Labels from Amazon

Now that Amazon has calculated the shipping costs you can request the labels for your shipments. On the same packing list that you sent the cartons to Amazon, go ahead and hit the action button and then, the get labels button.

First, you will see a screen with the calculated shipping costs, that you will have to confirm by hitting the accept button.

You will receive two notifications - a blue one indicating that Paragon is receiving the labels from Amazon and a green one indicating that the labels have been successfully added as an attachment to the pertinent packing list. 

In the more tab you can find the two new automatically added attributes: carton submitted on and Amazon estimated shipping cost
You can also find the labels in the attachments on this packing list:


I've Requested Shipment to Amazon, Now What? 

Your shipment is now posted in Amazon. You can go and check your shipment plan that has been created in Amazon and proceed with the shipping.   Check out our other articles about Paragon for Amazon:

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