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Rule - Save order number as the project number

Organizations sometimes take on large projects that need to be tracked and traced at every step.  Often the best way to do that is to assign a tracking number of some kind (maybe you call it a contract ID or a project #) to the entire process and make sure that every transaction associated with the project includes that number.

Let's talk about the setup required to properly install and run a rule that will automatically save the sales order number as the project number.  That number can then be transferred or inherited to every transaction that is linked to that order.

Step 1 - Create the project number attribute

In this example, we've named the attribute Contract Number.  It must be a free flow text type attribute.


Step 2 - Add project number to transaction screen setup

We will have to add our new attribute Contract Number to the more tab of the order via screen setup.  If you would like to have this attribute filled on any transaction created from the orders, add it to those screens as well.

Step 3 - Add project number to transaction inheritance

If in fact you need this attribute to copy to any transactions created from orders, set up attribute inheritance accordingly.  If this is not one of your requirements, skip to Step 4.

In this example, we have determined that our attribute Contract Number will be inherited from orders to purchase orders.

Step 4 - Install and run the rule

Here we have named the rule save order number as the project number and applied it to the after_save_order trigger.  We imported the rule and changed it to properly use our attribute Contract Number.  We then activated the rule so it is set to run the next time we save an order.

Step 5 - Create an order and trigger the rule

For our example, we created a simple order and saved it.  We received a notification telling us that the attribute has been filled.

If the required setup has been done, any transaction created from this order will automatically inherit the Contract Number:


What's next?

Now that your rule has been installed and is working, you can always deactivate it if you need to.  Need help setting up rules?  Contact us at


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