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Rule - How to bulk activate/deactivate references

Activating/deactivating references based on business logic can be a critical task to handle if you have bulk references. Occurrence of human error has a higher possibility in such redundant jobs. As a result, you might want to automatically activate/deactivate references according to your company’s business logic. We have created a rule that will make sure that all the references get activated/deactivated if they match your business logic.

This type of automation can be arranged with the setup of a system rule. Please contact us at for help setting up rules.

Step 1: Install and activate the rule

All rules are activated and maintained from the rules card in the settings screen.

The rule to activate/deactivate references can be installed as run now rule. This is currently setup upon request to Jonar.

Step 2: Seeing the rule in action

Once your rule has been run, all the references will be activated/deactivated based on your company's business logic.

In the example below - business logic determines that in order for a product to be active, its mandatory attributes must have a value.

The products product1, product2 and product3 have their mandatory attributes filled and products product4, product5 and product6 are missing values for some of these mandatory attributes.

product1 before running the rule

product6 before running the rule

Run the run now rule

Confirm that the run now rule for activating/deactivating products is active and then hit run now to run it.

Hit the accept button to run the rule.

The rule will display a message showing the product codes of any products that were activated after running the rule.

As a result, you can see that product1, product2 and product3 are activated as they fulfill the required business logic. However, product4, product5 and product6 were not activated as they do not fulfill the required business logic.

product1 after running the rule

product6 after running the rule

What now?

So now that you have installed and activated your rule, you can run it whenever you want. You can also always deactivate it if you need to. If you have any questions about rules - don't forget that you can contact us at

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