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Sales journal


The following wiki will explain how to access and filter the sales journal report.

You can also find more information about how to use the reports module in Paragon.


Click on the more tab on the bottom right hand corner to access the reports module.

In the reports module, select the sales journal report under the sales card (at the bottom of the card).

Sales journal is the first tab of the report. It shows the sales breakdown and net sales for a customer account over a certain period of time.

To change the date range selected for the report, hit the blue bar. A new section of the report will appear. This section shows you the current and available filters for the report.

You can change both the start and end dates of the report here.


There are multiple filters that can be used to view this report.

Line attributes can also be used as filters in a custom variation of the sales journal.

In the example below, the line attribute value belt is used as the filter and the applicable invoice is pulled.

On the second tab of the report there are numerous visualizations.


What's next?

Find out more about our other sales reports.
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