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Sales reports

Here you'll find an overview of all the sales-related reports in Paragon. There are also many other categories of reports in Paragon. Before using these reports, you can familiarize yourself with accessing, filtering, searching, printing and exporting reports.

Scroll down on the same left side bar in Reports (all reports are in alphabetical order) to find the following categories of reports.

Step 1: Sales Journal

Sales journal - This report will show you all the sales (invoices) made over a period of time.

Step 2: Order

Order - This report will show you all the orders created in Paragon.

Step 3: Credit

Credit - This report will show you all the credits created in Paragon.

Step 4: Quote

Quote - This report will show you all the quotes created in Paragon.

Step 5: Order detail

Order detail - This report shows you the details of all orders in Paragon. It will show you the details of orders in temp, issue, complete and hold statuses.

Step 6: Invoice

Invoice - This report will show you all the invoices created in Paragon.

Step 7: Commission statement

Commission Statement - This will show you a detailed breakdown of all the commissions earned by a sales rep based on customer sales.

When creating an invoice for a specific customer, the sales rep name and commission percentage stored on the customer file will automatically be pulled and calculated in the more tab of the invoice. Once you’ve finished creating the invoice, you can check out the sales rep's commissions in the commission statement report.

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