What's new with Paragon - April 13, 2021

What's new with Paragon - April 13, 2021

Sample data included in ParagonSMB

Setting up new software can be overwhelming. It’s also hard to imagine how it can fit your specific business’ needs when you have to start setting it up from scratch. That’s why we offer a 14-day free trial for ParagonSMB, giving you a chance to test it all out before committing. What’s more, every new trial comes with a selection of sample data that you can play around with, including products, customers, vendors, and related transactions. To learn more about our sample data, take a look at our article on Sample data in ParagonSMB.

Don’t forget to look at the reports in our reporting module! You can edit or create new transactions and watch as the reports get updated automatically.

Visual dashboard for ParagonSMB

The first step to success is in making clear and educated decisions - and the new dashboard in ParagonSMB allows you to do just that. When you log in at the beginning of your workday, you want to see what needs your immediate attention at a glance, without hopping from module to module or deciphering complex reports. Quickly assess your key performance indicators, such as your most profitable products or your recent past sales. It’s also easy to tell which transactions may need further action by looking at your open quotes, shipments, and invoices.

Heads up, this dashboard is also responsive and will look great regardless of the device you are using! 

Filter out fully paid invoices or vendor invoices when making or receiving payments

With Paragon’s ‘create this from that’ modal, you can make payments for vendor invoices and receive payments for customer invoices. We’ve added a toggle on these modals that will filter fully paid invoices out of the list by default, which prevents AR administrators from creating duplicate payments for the same invoice. This feature also increases general productivity since you no longer have to sift through a long list of completed invoices.

You can always flip this toggle to see any fully paid invoices or vendor invoices in case you were looking for a specific one, but they will be filtered out each time you go to make or receive a new payment.

Configure PDF printing and emailing based on customer or vendor attributes

We recently released the new ‘print and email configuration’ area which can be accessed through the reports and data settings card. This feature makes it possible to specify which PDF template should be used when printing or emailing a transaction depending on a set of conditions. 

Previously, these conditions could only be attribute values on the transaction itself, but now they can include characteristics of the customer or vendor assigned to that transaction. 

It is important to note that the transactional attributes take precedence over the company attributes, meaning that Paragon will first check the transaction for each attribute condition and only check the customer or vendor attributes if that attribute is not found. For example, you could send an order confirmation in each customer’s language by setting up the configuration table as shown below, without having to set up inheritance of the language attribute from the customer to the order.


Here's a list of bugs we've eliminated with this update:
  1. List view filters are no longer cleared when going in and out of detail mode.
  2. The use of certain ad blockers no longer interfere with ParagonSMB.
  3. Discounts and other charges that were added in Shopify are now properly imported into Paragon and displayed on the transaction.
  4. The notification shown when automatically exporting transactions to QuickBooks Online from ParagonSMB is no longer duplicated when using the save and issue hotkey.

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