What's new with Paragon - April 14, 2020

What's new with Paragon - April 14, 2020

Add box details to your packing list printout

You now have the ability to add box details to your packing slip printout. Everything you add to your boxes in Paragon can be configured to print on your outputs - pictures and product descriptions included! This new printout feature can be useful for bills of lading (BOL) or if you want to put a shipment information sheet with box details inside your shipment. 

Print customized item reports

Across the businesses that use Paragon, we know that multiple departments use the product module for different steps of the creation process and that they all require different views of the product information. For that reason, we added the ability to print custom PDFs for products, materials, tools and labor using our custom report template editor. 

Create custom templates for items

Import product BOM line attributes using the universal translator

The universal translator (UT) allows you to create and edit many products at once using a spreadsheet. We have now added the ability to import and export the product BOM line attributes using the universal translator. This addition to the UT’s feature set makes updating product BOMs a breeze. 

Universal translator import log

Are you waiting for the UT to import your data? You don’t have to anymore! After your file has started to import, you can leave Paragon and the UT will continue to work its magic. Once you go back, go to the new import/export log to find out what happened. This log is located under the reports & data card in the settings page. 

The UT log will help you troubleshoot when something fails and get a better understanding of what is happening when you import a file. This feature allows you to re-download the file that was uploaded, make any corrections to the lines that failed using the log information, and re-upload your information. 

UT log

Material picks move inventory from shelves to manufacturing location 

With this update, we have enhanced the inventory movement caused by a material pick. Material picks are used to collect and track the raw materials or semi-finished goods that are required to complete a BOM. 

Most of the time, these materials are picked off shelves and transferred to a manufacturing location where they are turned into a semi-finished or finished product. From now on, when you create a material pick from a work order, the material will move from the shelf location to a manufacturing location. When the manufacturing process is complete, you can make a receipt from your work order. This will deduct the inventory of the BOM components in the manufacturing location and increase the inventory of the finished goods in the warehouse specified on the receipt. 

With this improvement to the inventory tracking functionality in Paragon, you know where every material is at each stage of the manufacturing process. 


Here’s a list of the bugs we’ve eliminated with this update:

  1. Fixed the bug that prevented adding attributes under certain scenarios.
  2. Improved the notification when voiding transactions posted in a closed period.
  3. Picks, packs, receipts and shipments are now using default locations when moving inventory.
  4. Labels no longer move to the left when you click them in the settings module.

Paragon for Amazon:

  1. Inventory pulled from Amazon marketplace now goes to the right warehouse.
  2. Send carton information can now be sent for Amazon-partnered shipping.


  1. Invoices are now being created from Amazon orders and sent to QuickBooks.

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