What’s new with Paragon - August 23, 2016

What’s new with Paragon - August 23, 2016

Here’s what we’ve been working on to make ParagonERP work better for you.

Features and Improvements

Since the last update we’ve continued to expand our Shippo integration, which will allow you to connect with multiple carriers like DHL, USPS, UPS and CanadaPost through Paragon (full list on Shippo.com). We’ve created a prototype label, which will generate once a carrier has been selected on a shipment. In addition, the carrier will also generate a tracking number that will appear within Paragon.

Hitting the green cog (see screenshot to the right) will bring you another screen on the right, which displays the list of settings in Paragon. We have changed the design of this module, which now organizes the settings into eight different categories. Separating the settings into eight categories makes it easier to navigate the settings menu.

The landing page in each module is called listview, and the columns in the listview can be changed to show any information you’d like. This can be done under listview setup in the new settings menu. To make it easier to choose your columns in each module, we’ve changed the layout and design to be consistent with the rest of Paragon. Now, when you enter the list view configuration, all the modules will be displayed on the left hand side of the screen. Once you select a module you can add add delete the columns you’d like to display.

The rules engine has been further developed. Here are a few examples of rules that can be implemented in Paragon:

  • The ability for shipments to automatically get created after issuing an invoice

  • Preventing orders from being issued if items have a zero dollar sales price

  • Preventing orders from being invoiced if the order is on hold

  • Preventing picking tickets from being created that exceed the units listed on the associated order

  • Preventing shipments from being created if they exceed the invoiced quantity


When creating a manual shipment, items are added line by line. When the lines were added to the shipment, the sales price was not automatically populating. This has been corrected. 

Whenever a receipt is issued in Paragon, a location must be specified to indicate where the goods will be received. If a location is not chosen on a receipt, a notification should appear indicating wy the receipt couldn’t be issued and the inventory should not be updated. There was a bug that still updated the inventory even if a location wasn’t chosen on the receipt. This has been corrected.

In Paragon, rules can be written to automatically create a transaction off another transaction. When this is done, the reference column on the newly created transaction will display the source transaction from which it was created. There was a bug that prevented the source transaction from populating on the new transaction that was created from a rule. For example, if you had a rule to automatically create shipments from issued invoices, the invoice number was not being referenced on the shipment. This has been corrected.

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