What's new with Paragon - December 10, 2019

What's new with Paragon - December 10, 2019

New features for ParagonERP for Amazon

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve launched ParagonERP for Amazon’s automatic order reconciliation feature. For those of you who know what the world of Amazon reconciliation entails - this is a game-changer. For those of you who don’t - it means no more manual deciphering of Amazon’s complex settlement report. Paragon will take the monthly report provided by Amazon and accurately reconcile your FBA orders and refunds, saving you time, money, and tears. 

First things first, you need your end-customer sales in ParagonERP. For every customer that places an order through any of your marketplaces, a sales order and invoice will be created in Paragon. This gives you total insight into a customer’s order history and recurring customer purchase patterns. 

Then, at the end of each period, the Amazon settlement report is automatically pulled into ParagonERP. Once ParagonERP has the data, it marks all the correct orders as paid and shipped while breaking out the fees paid to Amazon by category for each specific order. Since all of these transactions are tied together with an Amazon Order ID, you can actually determine how profitable an individual order is through reporting. Even the changes to inventory can be connected to your original shipments to Amazon so you can track lots and costs from the supply chain to the consumer.

The reconciliation feature also sheds light on what the customer paid Amazon per order, and the fees Amazon is charging you as a seller. It’s pretty nifty - you can turn this data into reports per order for profitability insight. Essentially, you can slice and dice your profitability by order, customer, month... whatever suits you best.

New access for the Rules Engine

Rules have taken the Paragon world by storm - they offer you so much flexibility, allowing you to make Paragon behave a very specific way under unique business situations. We want to keep giving you more and more flexibility with Paragon, so we are still adding features and functionality to this tool. This update gives you access to item and company associations and inventory adjustments.  

Associations could be used to assign special pricing for the new season, for example. With access to inventory adjustments, you can write rules that use your inventory value. For example, if you transfer stock between your own warehouses you might want to write a rule that receives the stock at your inventory value, not purchase cost.


Here’s a list of bugs we’ve eliminated with this update:

  1. Report template editor
    1. Templates no longer show the word "array" instead of attribute names
    2. Add a hover option to see the module used for each template name
    3. Company business term attributes are now available for use on templates
    4. Templates no longer interfere with existing PDF outputs
  2. Rules engine
    1. Item records can now be accessed
    2. Corrections for money attributes in Custom Bill of Material lines
  3. More robust Amazon purchase process
  4. Overhaul of Print Checks report
  5. Eliminated duplicate attributes when importing via the universal translator
  6. Adjusted GL period label for closed periods
  7. Corrected discrepancy between the Balance Sheet and the GL Balances reports

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