What's new with Paragon - December 10, 2020

What's new with Paragon - December 10, 2020

Advanced add item modal

When you spend your day creating transactions, you want the process to be as intuitive and hassle-free as possible. That’s why we created the advanced add item modal, which makes entering a size run for a product easier than ever. 
When you first open up the modal while in pivot mode, you can select a product and quickly input quantities for each size using the tab key. You can also add line discounts, attributes, notes, and attachments which will be applied to each individual line. After you’re done with one product, you can move onto the next with the accept and continue button without ever closing the modal.


This modal can be set as the default entry mode in your company settings.
In order to use this feature, you must enable and set up pivot view.

We’ve expanded this feature even further with view and edit functionality. While in inquire mode, you can double click on a pivoted line in the transaction to open up the modal and view the line details. Alternatively, double clicking a pivoted line while in edit mode will allow you to edit the details that are common across sizes. If you want to edit or view the details for a specific size, you can simply right click on a non-pivoted line.


Combine catalogs across multiple Shopify shops

With the latest update to our Shopify integration, you can now combine your product catalogs across multiple Shopify shops, eliminating the need to have several records for one product. To do this, you will be prompted to enter an attribute prefix when you first connect to a shop. When pulling products, if there is an existing product from another shop that matches, it will add the new shop’s information to that product rather than creating a new one. As products are sold, stock levels will be updated accordingly for all shops. 
As a bonus, this also enables you to decide whether you want your product description to be consistent across your shops, or vary depending on the shop you are selling it in.



Inventory available WIGO report

The newest inventory available WIGO report will allow you to take your inventory monitoring to the next level by tracking how much stock you have inbound, allocated, or on picks, packs, and shipments. You can also easily distinguish between items that are available for immediate sale versus those that are still on their way to you. You can place your purchase orders with confidence, knowing that you will never miss a possible sale due to limited stock or have to hold overflow stock after ordering too much.


Security improvements

From now on, any password reset will require a minimum of 8 characters and must include letters, numbers, and symbols. 
As an extra security measure, we also added virus scanning before the upload of any attachments to avoid sharing infected files between users.


Here's a list of bugs we've eliminated with this update:
  1. all users now have the ability to email custom PDFs.

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