What's new with Paragon - December 7, 2021

What's new with Paragon - December 7, 2021

Box detail report

Warehouse supervisors can now rest easy with the new box detail report, which shows all boxes that have been packed and the items inside them, grouped by their related pack number. As always, the flexibility of WIGO is what makes reports like this so useful. Quickly group by the items, then filter out completed packs and voilà - you can now tell which items haven’t been shipped out.

Add new attachments to completed transactions

Sometimes things change and you need to add an attachment to an order after it’s already been completed. Now, completed transactions will have the attachments link available even outside of edit mode. Don’t worry, existing attachments cannot be deleted at this stage and this functionality can be controlled with security settings.

Wildcard searches for drop-down attributes

We’ve also just changed the experience of entering attribute values throughout Paragon! They are now wildcard searches, meaning you can start looking for an option in a drop-down list by typing any part of the word that you are looking for. 


Here's a list of bugs we've eliminated with this update:
  1. Attribute filtering now works as expected, regardless of where the attribute you are filtering on is configured on the screen.
  2. Read-only attribute security settings now only apply to the attribute they were set for.
  3. Date attributes no longer get copied from one custom BOM line to another.
  4. Drop-down list attributes no longer get automatically opened when bringing up the advanced add item modal.
  5. The bank account field on payments is no longer doubled.
  6. The payment amount attribute now always shows two decimal places.
  7. Empty boxes can no longer be closed.
  8. Deleting an attribute from screen setup also removes it from screen setup if it was configured there.
  9. Customer addresses imported from Shopify now include the apartment/unit number.
  10. Transactions created by the API or imported from an integration will now show the customer’s full record identifier in the list view.
  11. Date attributes throughout Paragon and WIGO are now formatted according to the locale that you selected. For example, in Europe, dates will show as dd/mm/yyyy.
  12. Issuing a full payment now completes the invoice or credit it was created for.
  13. Negative quantities can no longer be entered on a pivoted line unless the setting in my company has been set to allow it.
  14. The end date of a tax setup line can now be changed if there are no existing transactions that would be affected.

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