What's new with Paragon - February 19, 2020

What's new with Paragon - February 19, 2020

Multiple integrations, one product catalog

Do you sell your products on Shopify and Amazon? With ParagonAMZ, that’s not a problem. With the changes we recently made to our Amazon integration, the same product in Paragon can now be sold on multiple platforms, such as Amazon and Shopify. Next time you look at an Amazon product, you’ll see a new attribute called “Integration ID”. If you fill out the Integration ID with your Amazon SKU, a product that was recently only used in Shopify can now be used in Amazon as well.  

Amazon improvements 

Tasks like pulling your Amazon orders, updating your product catalog, or reconciling Amazon orders against the settlement report, are now simpler than ever. These tasks are launched from the Amazon marketplace e-commerce company. We’ve clarified the buttons and explanations to be consistent not only with each other but with the rest of ParagonAMZ too.

Reconciling your Amazon FBA orders creates vendor invoices, vendor credits and receive or make payments in ParagonAMZ. These financial transactions require exchange rates, a bank account and GL periods to exist in order for them to be created. We’ve enhanced the blocker you receive in each of these scenarios: 
  1. Exchange rates: ParagonAMZ now checks the exchange currencies and dates to make sure they fall in the right range. 
  2. Bank account: ParagonAMZ verifies that you have a bank account set up on the Amazon e-commerce marketplace you’re pulling from. 
  3. GL periods: ParagonAMZ checks to make sure that GL periods are not only set up but within the right date range. 

For any of the scenarios above, you will receive a blocker notification telling you exactly what needs to be changed in order to proceed.  

When ParagonAMZ creates transactions, addresses also need to be created. We eliminated a bug with this update that created the same address over and over again.

Choose from any box template when creating packing lists

Boxing information like height, length and width are crucial to know when shipping - any carrier will require this information to ship out your goods. With Paragon’s powerful boxing feature we allow you to specify all these dimensions when packing a shipment. However, it is cumbersome to enter this information over and over again - especially when you probably use the same size boxes each time. Now you can set up box templates in attribute setup and select one in the boxing screen. Choosing a template will fill out the box attributes section with the right box dimensions, saving you tons of time! 

Boxing Shipments

Product profitability report 

Paragon’s dynamic, live costing feature calculates a per unit inventory cost each time you ship out goods. So, if you’re using FIFO or LIFO, all the costs associated with receiving and shipping your stock is accounted for in the inventory cost calculation. With this kind of calculation, you can calculate an accurate shipment and product profitability. We’ve created a new report to make this calculation easier to find - the product profitability report, which is now found under the financial card in reports. 

Profitability Report

Filter attribute value lists 

Attributes in Paragon allow you to group, categorize and describe all your data in any way you want. But in some scenarios, too much flexibility can lead to bad data entry. For example, you can sell any category of product in Paragon. But, the fields of information that pertain to one product category just don’t make sense for the other. You can sell both men’s pants and women’s skirts but they definitely do not come in the same range of sizes. Now you can filter the sizes that a user can choose from once they specify that they are selling either of the two product categories. 

Attribute Filtering


Here’s a list of the bugs we’ve eliminated with this update:

  1. Removed duplicate columns in journal entry list view. Note that this bug only affected some Paragon installations.

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