What's new with Paragon - February 2, 2021

What's new with Paragon - February 2, 2021

Export Amazon fees to QuickBooks under a master vendor

For ParagonSMB customers that use QuickBooks for accounting, we recently added the ability to manage your Amazon or Shopify sales under a master customer account. Now you can also manage the fees that Amazon charges for their fulfillment service under a master Amazon vendor. This can be done marketplace by marketplace or all together. 

In Paragon, these fees are represented as vendor invoices, vendor credits, and payments that are created when you reconcile your orders, which imports the settlement report through an action button. You will now see a ‘QuickBooks export vendor’ on the Amazon attribute panel where you can assign the vendor that will be used when exporting these transactions.


For successful export of the fees and their related payments, make sure you have turned on automatic export for those transactions on the QuickBooks add-on screen.

Once these transactions are exported, they will be seen as expenses under that master vendor in QuickBooks, making it easy to tell how much you are paying Amazon for their FBA service.

Use the column selector in the BOM add item modal

We know that every business' processes are different, so we’ve designed Paragon in a flexible way that empowers you to work the way that you want. A great example of this is the column selector on the transaction grids, which allows you to specify how you want various grids to be configured on a module by module basis. This includes the ability to select the columns that show, pin certain columns to the grid, and group lines by an attribute. 

We’ve now updated the product BOM add item modal grid with this functionality, meaning you can quickly see the information that matters to you about materials, tools or labor when creating BOMs. Product creation just became that much easier!


Here's a list of bugs we've eliminated with this update:
  1. Shipments are no longer re-issued when an associated receipt is voided.
  2. Caching is now disabled when uploading files so you always download the current version.
  3. Automatic sorting of transactions based on pivots now only affects builds that have pivots enabled.

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