What's new with Paragon - February 21, 2017

What's new with Paragon - February 21, 2017

Here’s what we've been working on to make ParagonERP work better for you.

Track shipment in transit costing on each individual receipt and shipment

You now have the ability to enter SIT costs onto receipts and shipments. These costs can be entered upon the initial creation of the receipt or afterwards. All of the transit costs are stored in the transit costs button on a transaction by transaction basis.

Unpack a receipt directly into an inventory location

After issuing a receipt, you'll notice that there is an unpack button in the green action button. This gives you the ability to unpack the receipt and put units directly into specific inventory locations right away. This means that your physical unboxing process can be matched during the receipt creation process without having to make any inventory location transfers.

New user management interface

Under the user access card in the settings module, there is a new user management option. Here, you'll be able to see all of your current Paragon users and their user information. You can edit current user settings or add new ones, all within the same interface.

New attribute setup

We have created a new, guided attribute setup wizard that will walk you through the attribute creation process. Step-by-step you'll be prompted to answer questions and fill in mandatory information for every attribute you need to create in Paragon. This setup tool makes it easier for you to set up and modify attributes without making errors that may be harmful to your system. The setup tool can be found under the system card in the settings module.

Commission statement report

You now have the ability to enter commission rates for sales reps that are assigned to a customer. When you create an invoice for a specific customer, the sales rep name and commission percentage stored on the customer file will automatically be pulled and calculated in the more tab of the invoice. Once you've finished creating the invoice, you can check out the sales reps commission status in the commission statement report.

Ability to pivot sales journal by style and size

The new by item tab in the sales journal gives you the ability to pivot and filter the report based on style and size. The added functionality in this report allows you to further drill down and analyze your sales history and make accurate forecasts for future seasons.

Customer statement report

A new report called the customer statement has been created and added into Paragon. With this report, you're able to view the AR and outstanding balances for any customer.

Ability to create and reset a test mode environment

We have created the ability to work in a Paragon test environment. When activated, the test mode creates a duplicate of your live Paragon environment and you can test, play and make any changes you'd like without affecting your live data. This gives you the freedom to try out new things or test new processes without the fear of messing up your live system.


  • The SKU entered onto a record now populates on the list view.
  • Bill from address on work orders can now be modified.
  • When creating a new location, the location field automatically populates with the information entered under the location type and location details fields.

  • When making changes that affected inventory, some reports weren't updating. This has been corrected.

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