What's new with Paragon - January 21, 2020

What's new with Paragon - January 21, 2020

Amazon improvements 

Schedule events to get recurring updates from Amazon 

As promised in our updates from December 23rd, 2019, we’ve now fully rolled out our automated scheduling feature. This means that you are able to create events that pull Amazon product information, inventory, orders, and your settlement report into ParagonERP on scheduled intervals, making sure that the system is always in sync with your Amazon marketplaces.

Default setup and mandatory information for Amazon processes

There are certain data points that are required to send shipment plans to as well as get labels from Amazon. They are now easier to find as they are configured by default in the places that you need them, like quotes and packs. 

When pulling orders, Paragon creates invoices to represent the financial side of a transaction. In order to get these transactions, you need GL periods and bank accounts - and sometimes even exchange rates. If you happen to forget any of these and you try to pull orders, we’ll give you a heads up! 

Amazon workflow improvements: 

  1. Changed the number of default companies that are installed to be one per marketplace.
  2. Added Amazon order ID & order type to missing transactions and logs. This means you no longer need to guess what order in Amazon corresponds to an order in Paragon. 

Paragon enhancements

Write rules that create product BOMs

We continue to expand the capabilities of our rules engine to allow you to run automation and validation rules absolutely everywhere in Paragon. With this update, we’ve expanded the product BOM functionality in the rules engine. Thanks to this development, you can write rules that automatically assign specific materials to a product BOM or rules that make sure your BOM has all the necessary components before moving to production. 

Assign unique numbers to people automatically 

Paragon needs a unique ID to create a record, for example, a product, material, and person. However, sometimes you don’t identify records in a unique way - two people might have the same name. For modules where this happens often, such as in the person module, we’ve given you the option to automatically assign these numbers, making things easier for the user. 

Added new fields to pick ticket printouts 

There are important fields that you might need to print on a pick ticket in a warehouse. That being said, we added ‘to be picked’, ‘picked’ and ‘location’ as available fields.

Don’t post to header GL accounts

No more accidental accounting mistakes! Users are no longer able to post to header accounts, such as assets and liabilities. 


Here’s a list of the bugs we’ve eliminated with this update:

  1. Importing your Amazon product catalog now works in multiple languages.
  2. Amazon inventory now populates for all products in your catalog.
  3. Duplicate addresses are no longer created when pulling orders from Amazon.
  4. Adjustments for timezone conversions in Events.
  5. Improvements when adding items to transactions using grid while grouped.
  6. Adjustments to addresses on payment transactions.
  7. Improvements to the ‘disallow multiple’ feature in the screen setup.
  8. Improvements to sales journal and purchase journal report calculations.

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