What's new with Paragon - January 21, 2021

What's new with Paragon - January 21, 2021

Amazon add-on for ParagonSMB

The bundle included with ParagonSMB is now a triple threat with the addition of the Amazon add-on for FBA sellers! When you first connect to Amazon, a warehouse location will be created for each of the three marketplaces, allowing you to keep track of your products and inventory. You can pull in orders which will automatically create the corresponding invoices. These invoices will then become payments when you reconcile the orders. This can all be done with the various action buttons on the Amazon add-on screen.

Of course, it’s the cohesive interaction between the three add-ons that makes ParagonSMB special. For example, If you are also connected to QuickBooks Online, you can have your invoices, payments and credits automatically exported to QuickBooks. To do this, decide which attribute you want to use to match up your products from the ‘common ID’ drop down list in the QuickBooks add-on screen. After your Amazon products are created in QuickBooks and pulled into Paragon, the QuickBooks information will be added to the existing record, rather than creating a new one.

Manage master customer accounts for Shopify and Amazon in QuickBooks Online

Accounting is a whole different beast than order management and fulfillment, but your ERP system should be able to expertly handle them both. With ParagonSMB, you can choose which add-ons to connect and decide how they interact with each other. For painless bookkeeping, it’s much easier to track revenue under a master account, instead of keeping track of each customer account separately.

When Amazon or Shopify orders come into ParagonSMB, you can create and decide which customer will be used to export your invoices, credits, and payments. Simply create a customer to act as the master account for an add-on, then assign that customer to the ‘QuickBooks export customer’ attribute in that add-on’s screen.

This means that you could have one customer that represents your Shopify transactions, and one that represents your Amazon transactions, either per shop, per marketplace, or all together. However you want to split it up is up to you.

Transactions will only be exported to QuickBooks if the automatic export switch for that transaction type is turned on in the QuickBooks add-on screen.

Create a purchase order from a quote

With the ‘create this from that’ modal, you can create transactions that inherit quantities and values from another one. We’ve added a new quote tab when creating a purchase order. This means you can get ahead of the curve and order supply from your vendors based on forecasted demand from existing quotes. 

Sorting transactions based on pivots

Entering transactions can be a long and arduous process, made only more complicated as more and more lines are added to the order and get lost in the shuffle. For customers that use pivots, the lines will be grouped by variety and in-group sorting will be done by the ordinal of the ‘pivot by’ attribute in my company settings. 

For example, if you identify your products by style/colour/size and have your pivots set to scale and size, your size runs will stay grouped together and sorted within the group by the size ordinal, as seen in the photo above. If you manually edit a line number, the entire product variety will move together and be renumbered accordingly. 

Inventory by location WIGO report

Keeping track of inventory can be difficult when you’re managing multiple warehouses and have products in different stages of the workflow. With the new inventory by location WIGO report, you can see where your stock is distributed and group it by either location or product. As always, you can create layouts and save them, or import and export them to share with other users.

Keep an eye out the next time you log into Paragon! You might also notice some new improvements to the user interface of the settings screen. 


Here's a list of bugs we've eliminated with this update:
  1. Custom BOM quantities in ParagonERP are now updated when using the advanced add item modal to modify item quantities on a transaction.
  2. Imported rules from a ParagonERP build with custom configuration now have correct trigger names.
  3. In ParagonSMB, new or edited QuickBooks customers load correctly when imported.
  4. New ParagonSMB builds no longer have inactive add-on vendors.
  5. Settings and report screens are no longer blank after continuous use of Paragon.
  6. Duplicate records no longer cause transactions to be unobtainable by the API.
  7. Material pick and pick WIGO reports are now updated when locations are edited or saved.
  8. Deleted attachments are now also deleted from metadata.
  9. Reservations created from an order now inherit any modified item prices.
  10. WIGO queries were optimized, resulting in some performance improvements.
  11. Clicking cancel on various modals in screen setup no longer cancels previously saved changes.
  12. A new inventory endpoint was added in the API that only exposes the inventory of the specific location.

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