What’s new with Paragon – January 22, 2018

What’s new with Paragon – January 22, 2018

Here’s what we’ve been working on to make ParagonERP work better for you.

Creating a credit note from a receipt

You can now create a credit note directly from an existing receipt.  This is particularly useful to ensure that you credit your customer for the goods they actually returned to you.  In other words, your customer was shipped 100 units of a product.  They then requested to return them for whatever reason.  They confirm they would like an RMA for all 100 units they were shipped.  However, upon receiving the return, you realize only 98 units have been sent back to you.  This feature is great for those pesky discrepancies that would be difficult to track if you were forced to credit your client based on their Invoice or RMA.

But, hold on...

You'll notice that this list is a little shorter than usual. Not to worry. We've been busy working on some new and exciting projects in ParagonERP and wanted to give you a sneak peek. Here's what's coming up:

3PL - 3rd party warehouse management

ParagonERP is almost ready to start playing a huge role by integrating seamlessly with your off-site warehouses.  You will be able to exchange data with your warehouse without having to pick up the phone or send a single email.  Electronic transfers will be used to send product info and shipping requests and in return, your warehouse will be able to send you inventory updates and confirmed shipping data. All in real time.  This will greatly reduce the opportunity for human error and will truly improve efficiency.

Shopify - B2B product catalogs and order placement

Shopify is a leader in the online marketplace business.  We are proud to confirm that we are about to cross the finish line of this integration. What can a Shopify portal do for you?  What CAN'T it do for you?  ParagonERP will be able to communicate with this business to business application by maintaining product catalogs, receiving online orders without user intervention and updating stock levels.  Trust us, the consumer and user experience will be well worth the wait.

Calendar and event features

We're very excited to announce that ParagonERP is on the brink of something amazing for the service industry.  We're adding a calendar module that will allow your users to book appointments, plan production and foresee incoming receipts (just to name a few applications of this new tool).  The calendar and event feature allows users to view a specific day, week or month in their schedules to help them plan for the near future and potentially circumvent any potential conflicts or shortcomings with inventory, appointments with clients and/or vendors and much more.  Each event that is scheduled can be linked to a transaction and related materials and products.

As a fun example, if you are a plumber and create an event for a service call, you can apply your customer information to that event as well as include any tools or replacement materials you may need to satisfy your client's needs.  This will help you to track your inventory depletion and your billing requirements based on each event.



Here's a list of little bugs we exterminated with this update:

  • You can now search within the List View in the Customer reference page
  • Added a tool tip to the 3PL edit and cancel buttons
  • Instructions at the bottom of the Attributes setup screen are now displayed in full
  • Added a "done" button after importing items from the Universal Translator
  • Fixed attachment function on transaction forms
  • You are no longer able to manually adjust Transaction sequence numbers
  • Our "Blocker" indicators no longer remain on screen after changing records
  • Creating an association now displays it on all affected screens
  • Removed quantity columns on item modals
  • Creating a new payment receipt now says "receive payment"
  • The search function in User Management has been corrected
  • A Back button has been added to the User Management screen
  • Creation modals are now listed by most recent transactions created
  • Corrected the exporting feature for Person and Partner in the Universal Translator

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