What's new with Paragon - January 3, 2017

What's new with Paragon - January 3, 2017

Here’s what we've been working on to make ParagonERP work better for you.

Pack shipments right before you box them

If you go to box a shipment, you'll now notice that there's a tab called shipment packing list. In this tab you can review all of the items in your shipment across their multiple boxes. This tab is particularly useful when you have multiple boxes per shipment, as it allows you to see if you've missed any units under the to be packed column.

A check register report

Since you can now create a check directly in Paragon from the make payment module, we decided to create a report that gives you the ability to view all these checks at once. The check register  report shows you all the printed and unprinted checks that have been created, as well as their associated make payment numbers. This report is particularly useful if you want to print a batch of checks at once, for example.

A cash receipts report

This report shows all the receive payments that are entered into Paragon. Whether the payment was received as cash, as a wire transfer, or as a check, all the transactions will show on this report. This report can be particularly useful to analyze your receivables based on the customer account or even invoice number.


Rules can be turned on or off in Paragon based on how you run your business. Below you'll find the rules that have been created over the last two weeks. Keep in mind, however, that we have many more available.

  • There is now a rule that you can activate, which prevents you from entering negative discounts on transactions.


Here's a list of pesky bugs we squashed with this update:

  • We corrected a program in the backend that updates data, reports and inventory. This program allows you to continue working in Paragon while the database is being updated with your most recent changes.
  • If a quantity was modified and a line was later deleted on order, the incorrect header total was being calculated.
  • Totals on transactions are now read-only fields as they cannot be edited.

Thanks again for suggesting features and reporting bugs to us directly or via bugs@jonar.com. With your help, we’re making Paragon better.

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