What's new with Paragon - January 4, 2022

What's new with Paragon - January 4, 2022

Commission analysis report

Fair and reasonable compensation and commission packages are essential to attracting and retaining sales reps. In order to do this successfully, you need an easy way to evaluate your current rates and make sure that each sales rep receives the commission owed to them.

The new commission analysis report gives you both a holistic and a detailed view of this information. By default, it shows every invoice or credit brought in by each sales rep and the commission they earned on that sale. However, you can group by customer or by item to answer questions like:
  1. Which customers have loyal ongoing relationships with specific sales reps?
  2. Which SKUs are easy to pitch to customers?
  3. Do the commission rates align with the success of that representative, item, or region?

Report on multi-source transactions

Previously, if you created a transaction from multiple source transactions, the individual sources would only be displayed on the transaction lines. The source at the summary level would only specify that it came from multiple other transactions, which made it difficult to report on this information. This is no longer the case!

Automatically inherit source quantities as the quantity picked

We now have a new setting in My Company that will allow you to automatically inherit the quantities from the source order or reservation to both the “# to be picked” and the “# picked” fields. This is particularly helpful if you have automated picking processes in Paragon and don’t want to be stalled by manually entering the # picked for each line.

To enable this functionality, make sure the “do not inherit picked quantities” attribute in my company is set to “No.”


Here's a list of bugs we've eliminated with this update:
  1. The notepad on transactions can now be scrolled through in the case of multi-line notes.
  2. The net taxable amount on QuickBooks invoices is now correct even if there are discounts or other charges on the transaction.
  3. If permissions are set incorrectly for the connected Shopify private app, there is now a message in the log explaining which settings need to be modified.
  4. Invoices sent to QuickBooks can now be paid by credit card using the payment link.
  5. Reason codes are now shown in the inventory history tab when performing an inventory movement.
  6. Stock allocation numbers are no longer doubled in the case that an order was created from a reservation and then a pick was created from that order.
  7. Receipts created through an action button can now be unpacked as expected.
  8. GL setup can now be segmented based on which labor item was used on an invoice or credit.
  9. The activity panel in GL setup now shows the correct journal statuses.
  10. Reservations created from within the inventory module are correctly created in temp status.
  11. Creating transactions from source transactions with no transaction lines no longer fails.
  12. Mailing addresses exported to QuickBooks on invoices now properly have the street number and street address on the same line.
  13. Marking Shopify orders as fulfilled when a shipment is created for the order in Paragon is now much quicker.

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