What's new with Paragon - June 22, 2021

What's new with Paragon - June 22, 2021

Generate a trial balance report

By preparing a trial balance, accountants can verify that there haven’t been any mathematical errors in a double-entry system. Paragon prevents any single-sided journal entries from being posted, so the total debits and credits for any fiscal year or period will always match, but this report provides the details of each account. The trial balance is a good tool to analyze changes and trace the activity between accounts and across time. For other stakeholders like the external auditors, this report can be used as a starting point for their own workflows.   

Just like the balance sheet and income statement, you can generate a trial balance from the action button in the GL module. From here you can decide whether to include pending journal entries in your report, as well as select the specific PDF template to use. All GL accounts that have a balance for that period or year are shown and a total of the debits and credits are summed at the bottom. 

Check inventory quantities in our mobile app

With Paragon’s mobile application, pick tickets can be assigned to workers and completed using a scanner. However, large and complex warehouses come with equally complex picking processes. Say you just got a rush order for a product but there isn’t any left on the shelf where it is usually stored. In cases like this, warehouse supervisors need a quick way to adapt as these new orders come in. After navigating to the new inventory screen, warehouse supervisors can either scan an item or a location. Scanning the item will show every location with stock for that item. Alternatively, users can see how much of each item is in a specific location by scanning the location itself.

To access this feature, simply press the back button from the picking screen, click the inventory option from the menu, and scan away!

The web address for the mobile app has changed as a result of this new feature. Current users will be sent the new address.

System-wide performance upgrades

In addition to your regular bi-weekly update, we are releasing two system-wide upgrades that will result in major performance improvements! You will notice speed improvements in all areas, but the most notable and impactful change can be expected when creating, saving, and issuing new transactions and running rules. Of course, big changes like this take time. To limit interruptions to your operations, we’ve scheduled the upgrade to take place outside of business hours for each region over the week of June 21st. We will notify you in advance about any potential downtime. For more information, you can always contact us at support@jonar.com.


Here's a list of bugs we've eliminated with this update:
  1. The discount and other charges modals in screen setup now assign ordinals to each attribute.
  2. The list attribute options now renumber and resort correctly when editing the ordinals.
  3. The prefix assigned to a transaction in screen setup can now be edited or removed.
  4. Allocated stock is now recalculated as soon as a reservation, pick or pack is voided. It is also recalculated when a shipment is created for an order that was fulfilled by Shopify.
  5. Transaction statuses are assigned correctly when they are created while on the more tab of another transaction.
  6. Printing or emailing a custom PDF for material picks with sources on the lines are no longer blocked.
  7. The advanced add item modal is not blocked if there are products in the pivoted line that have different prices.
  8. Shopify attributes are now correctly added and inherited to reservations created for orders.
  9. The description attribute is now available to add to the grid when selecting a company on a transaction.
  10. Paragon customers in different time zones will no longer have an issue with exchange rates or journal postings using the wrong date when transactions are issued.
  11. Attributes created from an integration through the API now appear in WIGO as expected.
  12. Importing a customer file with multiple shipping addresses no longer causes issues with the billing addresses.
  13. The sorting of the aged AR report has been fixed and a column with the total AR per customer has been added. 

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